Secure Quality Assurance Services

In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, don’t let your Information systems be open to attack.
SEQA can provide a one-stop-shop for all your Offensive and Defensive Assurance requirements.


Our Offensive Security services perform real world tests on your systems to find the security bugs that malicious attackers could also find and exploit. By performing penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, host reviews and password audits by our professional team, we can identify and provide recommendations to remove these risks from the bad guys.


Application testing is an essential part of any cybersecurity strategy to understand risks in your applications.  

A penetration test is a thorough point-in-time security assessment that identifies technical vulnerabilities which cannot always be identified through automation.  Sometimes it takes the skill and insight of a security specialist to uncover the hard to find issues.


The primary objective for this testing is to identify areas of weakness within your network before they can be exploited by cyber threats. These threats can come in many forms such as; a disgruntled employee, external attackers, or other malware. Our recommendations will allow your organisation to build a defense-in-depth cyber strategy to protect your business.

The review is conducted by our specialist security team using best practice methodologies that minimise any risk of degrading the internal network.


SEQA’s Vulnerability Assessment (VA) service uses a combination of automation, tools and expertise to perform a continual review of your systems. We do this by integrating security tests into the Quality Assurance programme with the goal of providing actionable recommendations to project teams as soon as possible. This is an essential service for organisations moving to DevOps.


Quite often the biggest cyber risk to your organisation is weak passwords. Human nature is such that when selecting a password, often the tendency is to not give it much thought, or opt for something easy to remember, and really, we all know changing a password is a nuisance. Even in today’s modern world the most common password is ‘123456’. How many passwords like this are in your network?

SEQA can audit your company’s passwords and advise how strong these really are in the eyes of a hacker.


Our Defensive Security services will help you to build in cyber resilience within your applications and organization as a whole. We will be your cyber security partner who will understand your business and help you build a customized roadmap utilizing industry best practices as a benchmark. These services will give your business the confidence to thrive in a connected but hostile cyber landscape.


A Threat Model can help you build security into your applications and can form the basis of secure system requirements.

SEQA uses a proven methodology to identify the attack surface, potential vulnerabilities, and how to prevent these from being exploited.


Properly hardened servers are essential to creating a resilient network. At SEQA we provide best practice configuration reviews so you can rest assured knowing your business critical systems are properly hardened.

Our reviews use industry standards such as the New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM), Centre for Internet Security (CIS) and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.


At SEQA, we believe that Education and Training is a powerful way for your staff to feel confident around the main areas of Cyber Security. We tailor courses to suit your unique business requirements. Available training includes; security awareness, governance & risk and Security for Developers.

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Cyber threats continuously evolve and modern security consulting is a necessary requirement in navigating this never-ending maze in a changing compliance landscape. Let us bolster your security with our years of expertise and industry nous to help you create a resilient foundation.

Specialising in prevention, risk management and having the right policies and governance in place to assure best practices are met, we guide you in the right direction.

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