SEQA Health Check

SEQA’s Cyber Security Health Check service makes it easy for your organisation to perform regular security reviews of your entire internet perimeter.

Our Cyber Security Health Check programme is designed to determine the state of an organisation’s infrastructure security by uncovering any security vulnerabilities, risks or areas that need attention. The programme is designed to provide a holistic view to help businesses understand their strengths and weaknesses from a security perspective.

Periodic health checks of your infrastructure are a proactive and cost effective method for ensuring the security of your business. You can learn more about SEQA’s Cyber Security Health Check service offering by downloading our service brochure.

The Cyber Security Health Check will improve the security of your business through recommendations based on a process of discovery, assessment, and prioritisation.

Key benefits of the Health Check programme include

  • Risk Identification and Minimisation
  • Cyber Resiliency
  • Business Certainty
  • Cost Effectiveness

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