SEQA Cloud Services

Our Cloud Infrastructure Assurance Programme (CIAP) enhances an organisation’s ability to deliver and operate services securely in the cloud platform of their choosing.

SEQA offers security assurance services across various cloud platforms including all the major providers, Microsoft, AWS and Google.

Whether you are using public, private or hybrid cloud solutions, the CIAP is designed to ensure your cloud platform of choice has the appropriate security controls and configuration settings to allow your organisation to securely operate with confidence.

The CIAP is tailored to organisations cloud infrastructure and thread landscape to deliver pragmatic security enhancements that minimise your risk and bolster your security. The CIAP reduces risk to a business by identifying misconfigurations and providing meaningful enhancements for security controls in your cloud solutions. It provides a holistic approach by assessing all areas of your cloud infrastructure including access controls, data management and storage, networking, disaster recovery, and logging and monitoring. Any integration with on-premise architecture can also be reviewed to ensure the security of your ecosystem.

SEQA offers the following tailored services for specific cloud providers.

Microsoft Solutions Assurance Programme (MSAP)
Ensures organisations using a MS stack (MS365, Azure, Dynamics etc) have configured and hardened their systems to best practice.
Click here for more information about this programme.

Amazon Web Services Programme (AWSP)
Ensures organisations using Amazon’s cloud computing platform is configured for best practice.
Click here for more information about this programme.

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