An ad-hoc or independent security activity serves one-off requirements to stay compliant. However, a well-structured and tailor-made security program helps an organisation achieve its IT security goals in the long run. There is no such thing as 100% security against cyber attacks. Rather, it is all about continuous improvement of IT infrastructure to build resilience against modern and evolving attacks by making the infrastructure harder to breach.

A robust security program includes a well-structured list of activities that will benefit an organisation by ensuring resilience against modern and evolving attacks. It also helps reduce costs over the long run. SEQA offers a range of programmes that are tailored to the security risks that are particular to your organisation.

Below is the list of programmes aimed at catering to various critical areas of an organisation to fulfil different security needs.



SEQA are software security experts and our Software Security Assurance Programme (SSAP) is a must-have robust security programme for technology companies or organisations wanting to build cyber resilience into their applications development teams from the ground up.
If you are developing software then our SSAP will provide a roadmap on how to integrate security activities into your development lifecycle from the outset. This will provide your business with the certainty that application security risks have been identified and remediated as early as possible.

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SEQA’s Cyber Security Assurance Program (CSAP) is a tailor-made package that is customised to meet your organisations cyber security needs. The programme helps businesses remain compliant against new cyber secruity privacy regulations and provides ongoing testing for new cyber vulnerabilities. Let us be your cyber security partner.

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SEQA Cloud Services


Our Cloud Infrastructure Assurance Programme (CIAP) enhances a business’s ability to deliver and operate services securely in the cloud platform of their choosing.
We offer security assurance services across various cloud platforms including all the major providers, Microsoft, AWS and Google.
Whether you are using public, private or hybrid cloud solutions, the CIAP is designed to ensure your cloud platform of choice has the appropriate security controls and configuration settings to allow your business to securely operate with confidence.

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SEQA Health Check


SEQA’s Cyber Security Health-Check service provides the essential services your business requires to identify and mitigate the most common cyber security risks in a low cost package. The programme is customised to your business and makes it easy to perform regular security checkups.

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