Modern cyber security: What’s in a name?

We’ve officially welcomed SEQA Information Security into the world.

Starting a new company is always a challenging yet equally rewarding experience. You get to take a good hard look at the industry you are in and define what makes your position unique, what sets you apart, and in our case how we can help our customers become more secure in a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Luckily I have been here before and this is an opportunity to leverage past experiences, relationships and knowledge to really make a difference.

One area of thought is around the brand; choosing the company name and the way this is delivered to the market. It needs to reflect our vision but also requires breathing space for its personality, culture and general fit to develop over time.

The key area that makes SEQA unique is the strategic relationship with quality assurance companies. Our name was created based on these alliances. The “SE” stands for security and the “QA” Quality Assurance. Read our next blog on the benefits of this unification.

Like other creative “play on words company names”, the name SEQA gets the chatter going around how it is officially pronounced. I have no doubt we could add to this quirky list of unpronounceable tech brands.

The official pronunciation is SECURE. It is a modern name for a modern cyber security company. With big goals set – to assure our customers IT resilience and make NZ a trustworthy place to do business – we can’t wait to sink our teeth in!

Happy birthday SEQA, and I look forward to being part of the journey.

By Mark Keegan

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