DevSecOps: Where Security and DevOps Meet

DevSecOps Security Infinity Diagram

Also known as Security Integrated DevOps or security-focused DevOps, DevSecOps is a model where security is built into the DevOps process. It incorporates the secure culture, practices, and tools to introduce security into different phases of the DevOps pipeline to ensure that security issues are detected and addressed efficiently. Its goal is to plan smart, collaborate better and ship faster and relies on fast short feedback loops to do so.

SEQA offers a wide range of DevSecOps services and consulting solutions. So, regardless of whether an organisation is early in the DevOps implementation or already has a mature DevOps implementation, we can offer a bespoke consulting solution that enables organisations to automate secure development and deployment of applications in their DevOps pipelines, by embedding comprehensive security testing and powerful policy-driven controls early on.

To learn more about a typical DevSecOps process and SEQA’s DevSecOps service offering, please download our brochure or contact us.

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