Is an IT Security Health-Check right for you?

Cyber-attacks and security weaknesses can lead to a number of potentially damaging outcomes for businesses, including the loss of productivity, revenue, customers, and brand reputation. So, how do you know if your organisation is vulnerable to cyber attacks or privacy and data breaches? And, how can you proactively protect the IT security health of your organisation?

How to recognise when it’s time to audit your IT security health

Just like going to the doctors to prevent a cold from turning into something worse, the infrastructure security health of your business also needs periodic preventative care to uncover any security vulnerabilities, risks, or areas that need attention.

So, If any of the following scenarios resonate with you, it may be time to take action and book your organisation in for an IT Security Health Check-up:

  • You may have uncovered unusual files on your network, or even noticed computers on your network performing strangely
  • Your financial, health, energy, or educational industry organisation needs to meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance
  • You have outdated technology, software, and operating systems that could have left your organisation exposed
  • Your employees are working more regularly from home on unsecured networks and increasing your organisation’s vulnerabilities by growing its points of entry and decreasing the control over applications or software downloads if they are using their own devices
  • Since the last time your IT systems were checked, there have been changes to your IT environment and you want to be confident your systems are secure
  • You’re holding sensitive information and you need to protect yours and your customer’s data
  • You’re unsure if your IT supplier has built your systems in accordance to best practice and if you have the right security policies in place
  • You’ve had your systems patched with the latest releases and you want to ascertain if have any backdoor access points been left exposed to the internet and if anyone from the internet can gain access to your system
  • You haven’t had your systems, people, and processes tested and your staff haven’t necessarily been made aware of potential cyber risks so you’re unsure if they are following correct security procedures

The next steps towards becoming more resilient

If one or more of the scenarios above ring true for you, it is probably time to evaluate how well you are protected.  Or, you may already be investing in security but you want to be assured that you are investing in the appropriate areas and to the appropriate depth.  SEQA’s IT Security Health-Check service can make it easy for your business to gain confidence, through performing regular security reviews, that your business systems are safe. An example of this might be Border Correction, where a security review of your entire internet perimeter will provide you with:

  • An inventory of the technology assets your business has exposed to the internet
  • Identification of any risk’s assets may have
  • Assurance that you know where any issues are and confidence that you know how to resolve them and safeguard your business

Take action by talking to our security specialists about how SEQA’s services can help your organisation become cyber resilient and minimise your IT security risks with an IT Security Health-Check.

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