Building a strong Software Security Assurance Programme

A Software Security Assurance Programme (SSAP) is a must-have robust security programme for technology companies or organisations wanting to build cyber resilience into their applications and organisation from the ground up.

Implementing an SSAP helps to mature customers and their software development teams, who are developing and deploying in-house applications, by including security activities from the outset. This helps to ensure they are free of security vulnerabilities and that the organisation has minimised the risks posed by vulnerabilities through early detection and remediation earlier in the software development lifecycle.

So, why risk external attacks that could exploit your software vulnerabilities or pay on average almost 100x more to fix a security vulnerability later in the software development lifecycle when you could address it upfront for a fraction of the cost? If your organisation’s competitiveness hinges on the quality of your software delivery, learn more about SEQA’s SSAP service offering by downloading our SSAP brochure. In this SEQA helps to answer your most common questions:

  • Is an SSAP right for my organisation?
  • Why is an SSAP important?
  • What does an SSAP entail?
  • What are the benefits of an SSAP?

Utilising industry best practices, SEQA can build a customised SSAP roadmap that understands your business and has a pragmatic approach to help achieve your overall organisational software security goals, so you’ll be able to:

  • Avoid expensive pitfalls and delays in the later stages of a project
  • Minimise potential risks to an organisation, including cyber-attacks, or privacy and data breaches
  • Integrate best practices and enhance the security capability of your software development team, ensuring software is built securely throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle; and
  • Enhance your organisation’s maturity and improve on any pre-existing security assurance programmes efficiency and effectiveness


To learn more about SEQA’s SSAP service offering, please get in touch with our security specialists about how they can build a strong Software Security Assurance Programme that supports your organisation to become cyber resilient and minimise IT security risks.

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