Is an IT Security Health-Check right for you?

Cyber-attacks and security weaknesses can lead to a number of potentially damaging outcomes for businesses, including the loss of productivity, revenue, customers, and brand reputation. So, how do you know if your organisation is vulnerable to cyber attacks or privacy and data breaches? And, how can you proactively protect the IT security health of your organisation? How to recognise when […]

Cyber Security Recommendations for Working From Home

As we all adjust to our new way of working under COVID-19 isolation rules, our homes effectively become an extension of our working environment and this may provide more opportunities for cyber criminals. Already the NZ Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTNZ) is reporting an increase in activity around cyber scams designed to spread malware or expose sensitive personal or business […]

DevSecOps: Where Security and DevOps Meet

Also known as Security Integrated DevOps or security-focused DevOps, DevSecOps is a model where security is built into the DevOps process. It incorporates the secure culture, practices, and tools to introduce security into different phases of the DevOps pipeline to ensure that security issues are detected and addressed efficiently. Its goal is to plan smart, collaborate better and ship faster […]

Modern cyber security: What’s in a name?

We’ve officially welcomed SEQA Information Security into the world. Starting a new company is always a challenging yet equally rewarding experience. You get to take a good hard look at the industry you are in and define what makes your position unique, what sets you apart, and in our case how we can help our customers become more secure in […]

Security and Quality Assurance: Why they’re better together

Businesses demand certainty. If yours doesn’t, it should. When you release a new digital product, such as an internet-facing application, to market don’t you want to assure it is fit for purpose? This means that it has been thoroughly tested for all aspects of Quality, including functional and non-functional testing, to determine that it performs as designed. It’s kind of […]

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