Embedding security into QA

 At SEQA Information Security our mission is to make a difference in the resilience of New Zealand businesses from cyberattacks. We do this by providing world-class information security services and solutions that are relevant to modern businesses.

“SEQA integrates security into quality assurance programmes, enabling your business to deploy resilient new business initiatives.” – Mark Keegan (Managing Director)

SEQA brings together highly-skilled information security professionals to offer a range of modern security advisory solutions that are relevant in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Our partnership with quality assurance is what makes us agile, innovative and flexible. It allows us to draw on a wide range of complimentary skills that are critical to building robust applications such as Business Analysis, Software Engineering, Automation, Functional and Performance testing. We can offer our customers an end to end secure quality assurance service.

SEQA ensures the security needs across a range of industries including; government, corporates and medium-sized business.

Business competitiveness hinges on the velocity and quality of software delivery. This velocity is challenging the way secure software is being delivered through new methodologies that allow continual integration and deployment. With these new approaches, security testing also needs to work closely with Development, Operations and Quality Assurance teams to ensure security is built-in by default.

We believe innovation stems from listening to our customers, staying open to shifts in our industry, employing the right people and continually upskilling our team.

Gartner has named DevOps one of their fastest growing interest areas and predicts that DevSecOps will be embedded into 80 percent of rapid development teams by 2021.

We’re truly excited to be part of this global innovation!

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